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UTICS Institute of Management & Technology is an ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Institute. It was established in the year 1997 with an aim to provide Total Computer Education to the all categories of people.

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We are offering absolutely Free Franchisee to interested Ones all over India who wish to set up a benchmark in computer training and education and are ready to take all the challenges. It is an excellent business opportunity for expected professional with adequate capital in booming diversified education with top education brand. There are greater opportunities of earning good amount of money & working with Us without any risk and investment between both franchisees and franchisors as this evolution progresses. New franchises will be developed while the existing systems become more fortified and continue to grow.

Some Facts!

  • There are 757,585 franchised business establishments in India (2002).
  • Franchised Businesses provide over 18,000,000 jobs in India (2004 estimate)
  • Franchised Businesses provide goods and services worth $754.8 billion per year in the United States (2002)
  • 80 industries use franchising to distribute goods and services to consumers.
  • In the US more than 45% of all retail sales come through franchising.
  • A new Franchised Business opens somewhere in country every 7 minutes.
  • India, which has a growing middle-class of over one billion people, is now positioned as a major force in the global economy and fertile ground for investment in retail and business development. The franchising industry in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30 percent.
  • In 2007, more than 760 national and international franchisors were operating in India, employing millions of people, and generating revenues in excess of million.
Many of the worlds largest and well-known franchise companies, such as Wal-Mart, BR Foods, McDonald's, Yum Brands, Baskin Robbins and Subway already have a visible presence in India

UTICS Institute of Management & Technology has a mission to continue to be the part and parcel of the global development in science and technology with exclusive emphasis on computer based technology. We shall empower the new manpower requirement with computer based skills. It caters to the global advancement through technology. We take up and participate in small and big projects related to computer based training programs in association with corporate and government sector.

Our training programs have been designed as per modem syllabus and simultaneously making it affordable to the community at large. Our centers are fully equipped with latest gadgets manned by qualified technical and experienced professionals. Keeping in view the large demand in IT Industry for IT Professional, UTICS Institute of Management & Technology was established to help people who are interested in becoming IT Professional/Accountant/ Hardware Professional

At UTICS Institute of Management & Technology we have developed programs meeting the standards set by the various National regulatory bodies the goal of our programs is to develop the skills needed to carry out IT Sector as well as those in the account sector on the ground. At UTICS, we understand the importance of having a competitive edge in the challenging world; a Certificate/diploma from us will give you an additional advantage. Our organization is looking for people who are interested in becoming our franchisee will open new entrance for you in the Profit Street for the singular reason that we have an experience of more than 14 years in this field. Association with us ensures stable flow of business and the contentment of making future professionals.

Be our part! Be a part of global success! Just Join us and open a UTICS Institute of Management & Technology study center in your own city/area. We provide you with a complete roadmap to success, from start to finish: Everything you need to create, operate, develop and make your business successful.



Franchisee Terms
  • Minimum 300-sq. ft area required.
  • Minimum 4-6 computers required.
  • Franchisee Fees: NIL.
  • Extra & Hidden Charges: NIL.
  • You may start with free and paid Courses.
  • We Provide Study Material.
  • We provide 1 year course Free of Cost (details given below).
  • We provide Faculty Teaching material.


  • Franchisee sends request mail for study center to UTICS.
  • UTICS provide Franchisee Application form to Franchisee.
  • Study center delivers Franchisee Application form to UTICS with all Documents along with DD.
  • As UTICS receive Documents, our verification agency completes verification process with in 3-5 Days.
  • After completion of verification process UTICS will send application status mail.
  • UTICS sends agreement copy and T & C documents to Franchisee.
  • UTICS sends Flex, Pamphlet, Forms and Course-Brochure
  • UTICS sends Sample kit, Course Material, Student's Bag, Pen etc.
  • Application Procedure is same to become Regional Area Coordinator (RAC).
  • UTICS Education Center not collects any extra charges for RAC.


Step I - Submission of the Application First of all, franchisee will have to submit an application form along with required document. In verification if you fulfill all the conditions and the proposed site is found suitable then your application for the franchisee will be approved.

Step II - Inspection & approval

Along with the application form applicant has to send the initial fees of as an Inspection & Approval Charges Rs. 5,000 (Five Thousands only) by DD in favor of UTICS Computers PAYABLE at Sunam and send to Sec. A, St. No. 10, Ram Nagar, Sunam -148028(Pb.). The said inspection and approval charges are non refundable after the date of approval. In case the proposed site is not found suitable then amount of DD will be refund.

Step III - Agreement
Once your franchisee application is approved, we will send you agreement document it is valid for next 2 (TWO) years. Any case If your demand draft is not received within a week of approval, your franchisee application will be rejected and inspection and approval charges are non refundable after the date of approval. After signing the legal agreement, the new franchisee center would send the master faculty/counselor/centre manager to our HO/RO for training if required. The training would be 100% FREE. Advertisement and publicity material will be handed over for the final launch of the new centre.

Step IV -Marketing Support
For the development and advertisement of your centre, Head Office will provide you complete support. For the initial advertisement of your center big main board flex, 10000 pamphlets, will be provided FREE to you. We do not force you for centralized expensive ad, instead we ask you to focus more on local newspaper advertisement as students from local 4-10 km area will join your centre. Advertisement cost in local/ regional newspaper is shared equally among all franchisees; all this is so effective that if your requirement is of 100 students, you will get much more than the required students.

UTICS would like to open Study Center all over India at Village, Town, Tehsil, District Level.

Franchise Fee Details

Master UTICS Education Center Fees (All Class City) Master Franchise NIL
Sub Franchise Fee (All Class City/Town/Village)   NIL
Free Computer Education Master Franchise & Sub Franchise NIL
  • Computer Education & Training
  • Fashion Designing
  • English Speaking
  • University Courses
  • Call Centre Training
  • Job Placement Agency
  • Hobby Class Centre
  • Beauty Parlour Courses
Master Franchise & Sub Franchise NIL
Franchise Application Form processing